Practical areas

Criminal Law

In Jesus Yepes lawyers you will find advice on a wide range of criminal legal needs :

In international criminal law proceedings , before the Human Rights Court and the International Criminal Court.

In domestic criminal law proceedings , when required advice or legal representation in proceedings conducted in the Accusations Commission of the House of Representatives and the Senate , in the Supreme Court of Justice ( in extradition processes , review actions and appeals ) and advice or representation before the Board for a decision of the Judicial District Courts throughout the country . Similarly, to the Attorney General’s Office , we are able to offer advice and defense to all national and sectional units throughout the country. Our firm has extensive experience in conducting preliminary agreements and negotiations with the Attorney General’s Office as well as in representing victims in claims for damages in connection with a criminal wrong . Also, we give advice and representation to citizens on the occasion of popular actions , actions for protection and rights of petition, seeking to protect the rights and interests and fundamental rights that protects the Constitution of Colombia

Labor Law

We offer our legal advice on labor matters, by providing all the logistical and human resources to address promptly and effectively any labor dispute.

We have seven years experience in litigation, particularly in the following topics:

• individual labor law.

• collective labor law.

• Regime official workers.

• Negotiation for making collective agreements or collective agreements.

• Type of contract and labor.

• Closeouts benefits.

• Advice on social security.

• Procedures before the courts, strategy development, development of claims and disputes.

• Development of special remedies of appeal.

Public Law

We have eight years of experience in this area. We offer all our customers rigor, discipline and accountability in the handling of all matters before public entities of the State and against presentation and process the application with administrative litigation. The following topics are the area office action in public law:

• Presentation of Constitutional (guardianships, and group class actions and enforcement actions).

• Rights to petition public entities.

• Assistance in administrative law.

• public employee labor regime.

• State liability.

• Actions for annulment and reinstatement of law.

• Contractual Actions.

• Disciplinary law.

• punitive administrative law.

• policing law.

• Urban law.

Disciplinary law

Our office provides services Advice and Representation in Disciplinary Processes (with the Attorney General’s Office, disciplinary councils Jurisdictional Meeting of the Judiciary and Internal Discipline Inspection offices.) And Fiscal Responsibility (before the various Comptrollers) Representation and the demands of the contentious administrative jurisdiction (before Courts and administrative Tribunals and State Council), claims of invalidity, nullity and reinstatement of the law, Direct Repair and Repetition

About us

We are a team of lawyers specializing in the areas of criminal law, labor, administrative, disciplinary, commercial, financial and copyright , directly and in partnership with other groups and professional offices in Bogota and other cities, we offer our clients appropriate and effective solutions for the protection of their interests in courts.

We have also a qualified group of forensic certificate guaranteeing the necessary technical and scientific support to our attorneys in performing their duties.


La justicia se pudrió: ¿quién la rescatará?

Daniel Samper Pizano, un decano del periodismo colombiano, anunció su retiro como columnista del periódico El Tiempo con este desconcertante artículo que sigue la campaña del abogado y también columnista Ramiro Bejarano Guzmán. Después de sus afirmaciones corresponde a la conciencia judicial de Colombia, si aun queda, un pronunciamiento. En las llamadas democracias modernas no es usual que se gesten movimientos de revocatoria contra los altos dignatarios de la justicia. Acaso una séptima papeleta?


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