Criminal Law

Lawyers expert in managing public hearing with experience in the correct use of legal instruments for the early resolution of their conflicts.

Labor Law

Experience in lawsuit against state agencies for misuse in human resource utilization through procurement of services.

Public Law

Demands for direct compensation for damage caused by state agents and arbitrary judicial detentions.

Disciplinary law

Defence public servants with the Attorney General's Office.

About us

We are a team of lawyers specializing in the areas of criminal law, labor, administrative, disciplinary, commercial, financial and copyright , directly and in partnership with other groups and professional offices in Bogota and other cities, we offer our clients appropriate and effective solutions for the protection of their interests in courts.

We have also a qualified group of forensic certificate guaranteeing the necessary technical and scientific support to our attorneys in performing their duties.


La justicia se pudrió: ¿quién la rescatará?

Daniel Samper Pizano, un decano del periodismo colombiano, anunció su retiro como columnista del periódico El Tiempo con este desconcertante artículo que sigue la campaña del abogado y también columnista Ramiro Bejarano Guzmán. Después de sus afirmaciones corresponde a la conciencia judicial de Colombia, si aun queda, un pronunciamiento. En las llamadas democracias modernas no es usual que se gesten movimientos de revocatoria contra los altos dignatarios de la justicia. Acaso una séptima papeleta?


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